Katie Miller


“I usually write in my bedroom, so I’m surrounded by antiques and more books than I have room to keep”

Tell us about your book!
The story begins in 2009 and is told from several points of view, but focuses on Alya and her relationship with a family who were victims of a genetic engineering accident in the early twelfth century. Alya helps the family to come to terms with the devastating effects of the accident which almost tore them apart. All seems to be going well, until they realise they’re being watched.

What inspired you to write the novel?
The Scottish Highlands and my desire to meet the Celts in person.

How long did it take you to write your book?
Five years, in between studies.

Did you base any of your characters on real people?
Alya was based on myself and her mother was based on my own, but the other characters were created.

Do you have a particular method or approach to writing?
When I think of a story, I write out a general plot and then try to make a chapter by chapter plan.

What do you have around you when you write?
I usually write in my bedroom, so I’m surrounded by antiques and more books than I have room to keep.

Who or what was your biggest influence in deciding to become a writer?
J K Rowling. Harry Potter gave me my love of books, without which I’d never have known how much I love writing them.

Do you have any tips for aspiring writers?
Read books, always believe in yourself and always be willing to take advice.

Who is your favourite author and why?
I couldn’t say that I had a favourite author because I couldn’t say I like everything a particular author has written. However, J K Rowling wrote the Harry Potter books which have now become an integral part of my life and I haven’t yet found a book by Dan Brown that isn’t brilliant. I really just have a passion for good stories.

Which are your favourite books and why?
The Harry Potter books. They capture the magic of a child’s imagination and give it to people of all ages. They are a perfect example the battle between good and evil.

When you’re not writing, what do you do?
Reading, photography, polymer clay modelling, glass painting, sewing and I’m beginning to experiment with wood carving.

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Katy’s book, “Flight: Perfection” is available to purchase on Amazon.

You can also visit her website here.